An industrial group that offers solutions and services with high added value.

Our mission

INZU Group works with its customer as partners. Our commitment to do a fully reliable job is the best strategy to achieve customer loyalty.

We do it globally

Engineering and manufacturing located in the North of Spain, we export more than 90% of our turnover, with the support of a global sales and service network.

We do it together

We want to become partners of our customers. We understand their needs, we work with them and support them with our products and services.

We do it with excellence

INZU Group bases its foundations on the talent and commitment of their workforce which is always focused on achieving an excellent customer service.

We do it with innovating

We do research and development on a permanent basis in order to meet the specific needs of our customers with high technological value-added solutions.

Who we are

INZU Group is an internationally recognized industrial group formed by highly specialized companies from different sectors.

Machinery for advanced manufacturing systems

Industrial Services





Etxetar is a machine tool company that engineers and supplies metal cutting application-based solutions:

  • High technological value: where a few microns make the difference.
  • High production volumes: in production lines with low cycle times.
  • Flexible: adapt machine solutions to customer needs.

Etxetar works for customers in the automotive, agricultural and heavy-duty sectors.
Slide Etxetar

Talens is a technology-based company committed to innovative developments and the commercialization of solutions for laser applications:

  • Surface Heat Treatment: the Laser changes the properties of metals through controlled heating and cooling.
  • Laser Cutting: Efficient solutions to cut several geometries in different materials using a single sport of the laser.
  • Laser Cladding: Different powder materials can be deposited on the surface of a work piece.

Talens works for customers in the different sectors offering multiple advantages of the laser technology.
Slide Talens

Gaindu is a company dedicated to the manufacture of automatic production systems for automotive components. The company offers turnkey installation divided into the following main areas:

  • Assembly technologies.
  • Leak testing machines.
  • Laser welding.
  • Industrial automation systems.

Gaindu works for customers in the automotive sectors.
Slide Gaindu

Gurutzpe offers its customers a taylor made service: design, manufacture and installation of multitask machining centres for large rotating parts (Ø<4mor /andW<200t). With more than 6,000 machines on five continents and many years of experience in the manufacture of machine tools, Gurutzpe has become one of the most prestigious horizontal CNC lathe manufacturers.
Slide Gurutzpe

Izadi offers machining services, manufacturing of new workpieces, repair and assembly of equipment. IZADI constantly invests in the improvement and training of its human team, as well as in the renovation and purchase of the latest technology machinery.
Slide Izadi

Sisfle is a company dedicated to the integral manufacture of precision machining components and assemblies, according to customer drawings and specification, in repetitive, small and medium series.

Engineering services in product definition, development engineering and manufacturing engineering. A complete solution for each project.

Sisfle supplies fully assembled and tested mechanical sets, ready for installation.
Slide Sisfle

Aingura IIoT deploys Patented EDGE industrial Artificial Intelligence solutions to resolve real problems and enhance client´s competitiveness at product and process level through top-notch diagnosis and prognosis of critical situations on various sector (infrastructure, electro mechanics devices, metal and manufacturing production…), that help decision making in continuous time over different part of the processes (OEE, condition monitoring, maintenance, energy efficiency,...).

Being part of the INZU Group, bolstered by its long industrial trajectory, gives us deeper knowledge of critical processes and their challenges. We solve real problems, enhancing competitiveness at both product and process levels.
Slide Aingura

SoC-e is a world-wide leading provider of Ethernet communication solutions based on FPGA technology. This company is a pioneer of cutting- edge implementations for the new generation networks demanded by critical systems.

Currently, SoC-e technology is present in more than 30 countries around the world, offering solutions for high-availability and deterministic Ethernet to Multi-national Corporations and to SMEs.

SoC-e works for customers in the Electric, Industrial, Aerospace, Automotive and Transportation sector.
Slide Soc-e

Titanium is an expert company in the niche of industrial cybersecurity.

Its main mission is to offer services that improve the safety of the industrial plants production process.

Among others, Titanium is an expert in:

  • Diagnose the level of cybersecurity of industri- al plants (maps, assets, vulnerabilities, ...).
  • Integrate solutions and define architectures that improve productivity and resilience against both internal and external attacks.
  • Through an industrial SOC, Provide support and monitoring 24/7 to its customers.
  • Advise on the digitalization of industrial plants from the point of view of cybersecurity.
  • Train users in industrial cybersecurity both defensively and offensively.
  • Develop industrial cybersecurity solutions.
Slide Titanium

Ekonek: Build pioneering technologies for the development of new dehydrated products in powder and granules.

Ekonek helps companies to reinvent their products creating new ones by providing “Pulse Spray Drying” or “Spouted Bed Drying” revolutionary solutions.
Slide Ekonek

GSF was born on a revolutionary idea, manufacturing high value products out of mixed plastic waste and pyrolysis oils.

Our innovation is a disruptive technology solving a complex industry problem, and aimed at providing waste managers, plastic converters, recyclers and petrochemical industries with drop-in oils and building blocks for food-grade or lab-grade resins.
Slide GSF

Ezarri: leading company in the manufacture of glass mosaic tiles.

Ezarri has hundreds of style references and colours organised in mosaic collections, offering a wide variety of combinations to be able to meet any need.
Slide Ezarri

Ikergune is the R&D unit of INZU Group, developing high technology solutions and their corresponding patents. The aim of Ikergune is to serve as a link between the needs of the market and the industrial vision of the group through the technological and scientific developments that take place in each project.


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